[FONT=times new roman,times]To all the fine poultry lovers who have responded to my questions since I started coming to this website,thank you. I loved raising and caring for my eight RRRs. They certainly rewarded me well with eggs and interest. I was in a car accident and found that caring for them properly was too much. I would go out over the ice with a pail of warm food over my elbow, regular food in my left hand, a portable phone in my pocket and a cane in my right hand. Luckily, I have good friends in the country with chickens, all black and even four roosters, and they took in my girls. Two weeks later, I went out to visit and when I called, all the RRRs came running up. The others would not come near! Mine rushed up to be hand fed cauliflower and buttermilk. The black ones became nosy then and came closer, soon as they realized how good buttermilk was they overcame their shyness and were so funny shaking their beaks and getting spots of milk on themselves, which the others soon cleaned up. I haven't been back. Thanks ,Bebe Brett[/FONT]