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Becca's Brood

By reba353, Feb 17, 2015 | Updated: Apr 8, 2015 | | |
  1. reba353
    It been about 3 months since I got my chickens and I have fallen hard for them[​IMG]
    The first three I got from a breeder near me when they were 8 weeks old (Gunter, Olaf, and Astrid) all of these were supposed to be sexed females but of course Astrid had other plans.
    Only a month later I ordered 4 more chickens from McMurray Hatchery and when the box came in I got a lovely surprise, there were five in the box!

    Astrid enjoys herding the chickens around, running back and forth between two mini flocks (Newer birds and older birds)
    He is a Buff Brahma rooster and about 5 months old. He has thankfully not yet started crowing, since my no-crow rooster collar hasn't arrived yet.... hoping this will prevent anyone from noticing my illegal pet.

    Gunter & Olaf
    These two are white Cochins and definitely coop birds preferring not to get there feet dirty. They need to start paying rent! They are the same age as my roo at 5 months. They have the fluffiest butts I have ever seen and run like little dinosaurs. (Yes, they are both girls)

    Lucy is a white leghorn about 4 months old. She is very skittish and watchful due to the fact that she is a hawk attack survivor (I was standing 3 feet away from her when it happened!!)

    Pia & Agnes

    One of these two is an extra... but I am very glad to have them both! Agnes has been affectionately nicknamed perchy-bird for her ability to perch on people for as long as you will have her. Pia is the smallest in my flock. Both birds are black stars and 4 months old.

    Nixie is an easter egger and she is very bossy!! Whenever I put out food or water she stands in the middle of the bowl to make it harder for others!


    Evangelene is a red star and is 4 months old. She is the greediest bird I have and is not afraid to shove others out of her way, but she is a sweetheart toward anything holding a treat.

    Ping & Mushu
    Are there ducks in that picture? I can't see anything! These two boys are Welsh Harlequins and they LOVE diving for green peas. They are only six weeks old and bigger than my Black Stars!

    Hope you guys all enjoyed reading about my little chicken farm! Thank you!

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  1. chicken04
    Gunter and Olaf look so funny and nixie is funny because she's bossy.
  2. Mellow1
    Astrid is beautiful....and handsome ;) Thanks for sharing your pics!
  3. SouthGaRoo
    Your kids are beautiful, and your boy Astrid is going to be a handsome guy. I have Brahmas and Cochins too,congrats on pic of the week.
  4. Ballerina Bird
    Such a pretty flock! I love Nixie especially.
  5. familyfarm1
    Ilove your Cochins! So cute. Thanks for shareing!
  6. lightchick
    They are all so pretty!
  7. reba353
    Thank you!
  8. holm25
    I love all your birds!!! Super pretty!!
  9. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  10. tarahharlin
    Beautiful flock and I love the ducks! They are quite handsome! :)

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