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  1. Beckyhsinglsc

    **A very funny chicken Video by my daughter**

    Here are our first girls (and roo) at 12 weeks. We raised 10 and kept 6, 1 EE, 3 RIR, 1 BR, and 1 LB(one is a roo)


    We have 3 DDs who are enjoying the chickens (and picked the color for the coop.)
    We live in a suburb of the Phoenix area so we have to worry more about heat than cold.
    Our coop is an open air style with a homemade feeder and automatic nipple waterer.

    Our chickens at 21 weeks!

    Here is a picture of our coop and pullets at 7 months.
    (The rooster found a home on a farm .)


    Our 2010 additions:

    And their new "grow-out" coop

    Our 2011 Additions:

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  1. Beckyhsinglsc
    The chain is just put up there so I could take the picture. It's usually hanging down holding the feeder. The feeder is made out of a bucket and a plastic planter tray. (see pic 2)
    I have replaced the chicken wire with hardware cloth since this was taken.
  2. Billiam
    How does this fair during monsoon storms? Do those chains attach to some kind of shutter flap?

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