**A very funny chicken Video by my daughter**

Here are our first girls (and roo) at 12 weeks. We raised 10 and kept 6, 1 EE, 3 RIR, 1 BR, and 1 LB(one is a roo)


We have 3 DDs who are enjoying the chickens (and picked the color for the coop.)
We live in a suburb of the Phoenix area so we have to worry more about heat than cold.
Our coop is an open air style with a homemade feeder and automatic nipple waterer.

Our chickens at 21 weeks!

Here is a picture of our coop and pullets at 7 months.
(The rooster found a home on a farm .)


Our 2010 additions:

And their new "grow-out" coop

Our 2011 Additions: