Belgian D Uccle Blue Grey

By ChickenGirl316 · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. ChickenGirl316

    Belgian D Uccle
    Blue/Grey Created by ChickenGirl316
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    Very sweet and curious! Adorable with his little beard and super friendly. I love my Belgian d Uccle, Munchkin is my first one but I hope to get more :)





    Description / Information

    This is Munchkin my Belgian d Uccle I got 4 assorted bantam babies this year to add to my little flock and he was one of them! He is my baby and very friendly he likes to be carried around alot... but he is definitely leader of the little group!​

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  1. Venevee
    He's porcelain, but you can hardly tell. Probably due to poor breeding. He's still a cutie though!
  2. misfitmorgan
    definately not a Blue....badly bred porcelain color wise....a shame since he has a very nice beard.
  3. hdowden
    yes that is a porcelain ;)
  4. joanie_maine
    Your bird's color is Porcelain
  5. Chicken Lover 1
    no just savor his first crow
  6. jennibos
    After having had your every day hens for the last couple of years, after Mr Fox came this week, and looking around we have decided to go for Belgian D'Uccles this time around. We haven't had any Males before but have decided to go for a few hens and a male. Sounds stupid, but is there anything different you need to do? Thanks jennibos

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