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By Noahettes Mom · Apr 22, 2015 · ·
  1. Noahettes Mom

    Shalom! My name is Channah, and my BYC name is Noahette's Mom.
    My 12 yr old daughter (going on 13 this month) nickname is Noahette, she loves her animals, to the point my husband says it will take an ark to keep all the animals she wants! Lol
    I will post pictures of our multitude of chickens. The first chickens we got were buff orpington and golden comet, one of our buffs ended up being a male (thanks to a BYC person helping us identify him!) Then the next year we got buffs again. Last summer we got black astrolorp and plymouth rock. This year we got rhode island reds and amber whites. Then, my daughter saw one of our black astrolorp lay an egg, we knew she was one of our rooster's favorites! So we put it in the incubator! So our almost 2 wk old chick is a mix breed! We are not sure if he or she, though we are leaning towards the "he" idea because of his big feet! Lol
    So after 4 to 5 years of raising chickens we love it, and are just starting quail now too! We are moving onto an acre of land... more room for animals!
    I will post pictures soon!
    Shalom, Channah

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  1. Two Chicksahs
    We just saw the new movie Noah with Russell Crowe. It was pretty decent, not great though. I think its great that your family is doing the chicken thang together. I think it teaches all kinds of life lessons! I had rabbits when I was young but we had dogs, pigeons (not for very long), lizards, snakes (king, gopher, constrictors, boas etc.) and a few others along the way. Is your daughter in the 4-H or FFA? She's the perfect age for it.
    shalom to y'all too!
  2. Rhodebar Lover
    Can't wait for pictures!

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