Benefits of Backyard Chickens

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    Backyard chickens have been providing people with natural pest control and nutritious eggs and meat for many centuries, and this practice shows no signs of slowing. Why?
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    There are many reasons to enjoy a backyard flock. It could be for the delicious farm fresh eggs, a hormone free meat source, organic fertilizer, or even a chemical free pest control. No matter the reason, everyone should be able to enjoy a beautiful bunch of birds, pecking around the property.

    Because of the recent outbreak of the Avian Influenza, egg prices are skyrocketing. Now we aren't talking about the delicious eggs, fresh off the farm, we are talking about those large white eggs that come from your local super market. This may not seem like such a big deal, until you know the conditions that the layers have to suffer through., and how long I has been since that egg was laid.
    The average store bought egg is six weeks old by the time you purchase it. Not to mention the facilities that that egg has been through. In their short lives, they usually don't live past two, the bird must suffer through filthy living conditions, and overcrowding. Which do you prefer, a farm fresh, or store bought?

    Many people would describe chickens poop as gross or disease ridden, but have you ever thought about the benefits of chicken poop? Fertilizers come in many forms, such as soluble, granulated, and organic.

    Soluble Fertilizer - Soluble fertilizer a powder diluted in water before use. It is spread by misting the plants in the water/fertilizer mixture.
    Granular Fertilizer - Granular fertilizer comes in a dry pellet. It is either worked into the ground, or sprinkled around the base of the plant.
    Organic Fertilizer - Organic fertilizer come from plants and animal. they come in the for of either compost or manure. Like granular fertilizers, organic fertilizers are worked into the ground, or spread around the plant.
    Chicken poop is a natural form of organic fertilizer, that doesn't contain harmful chemicals. So next time you are cleaning out the coop, don't throw away their "filth," sprinkle it around your tomatoes, and have your biggest, juiciest, crop yet.
    Bugs are a common problem that many of us share. One of the best advantages of having a backyard flock, is the natural pest control they provide. While they are out scratching around the yard, they are eating a wide variety of insects, such as ticks, beetles, and spiders. Why pay for an expensive chemical, that may or may not kill off the pests, and could cause harm to the plants? Sure your feathered friends may get a tomato or two, but how many would you loose to the bugs?
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    We face many problems today, some of which could be easily avoided with the help of a small backyard flock.


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