Best Friends

By Operafamily · Feb 18, 2012 ·
  1. Operafamily
    Our girls are such good friends... Jen is almost a year old, Polish/Buff Orpington and needs the more mature (2 yrs?) Edie, Game Hen/Americauna rummage through the ENTIRE yard everyday. They are truly Free-Range. Edie teaches Jen to dig (and boy do they dig) and hide from potential hawks. They're very good for eachother and wait outside the coop when the other is laying her egg.. and the chucks loudly when the egg-ing is done. We always know. They get treats of yogurt, safflower seeds, fruits, veggies, dried meal worms, oatmeal, and millet most every day... They are great and come running when we call for cuddles. We love the girls. Their tractor is home and so wonderfully cleanable... [​IMG][​IMG]

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