Bettyrs Chicken Coop

By BettyR · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jan 30, 2012 · ·
  1. BettyR
    My son and I are building this chicken house. Neither one of us has ever built anything in our lives,
    we are stumbling around in the dark getting most of our pointers from information on the web
    and by looking at how our garage was built since it's structure is mostly exposed.

    We are building most of the coop from large pump crates that my husband brought
    home from work.

    This is our foundation. We are raising it off the ground because we live in sub-tropical
    climate and it rains a lot. Raising it off the ground will keep it out of the water and hopefully
    away from the majority of the snakes. We have somewhere between 150 to 175 different species
    of snakes native to our area. The vast majority are non poisonous but a large proportion would
    take chicks and eggs if given the chance. I am also getting some guinea fowl because I read
    that they will keep the area cleared of snakes.

    This is the beginning of our foundation.

    Putting in the plywood.

    We covered the deck with Linoleum to protect the plywood.

    Here are the four walls leaning up against a tree, we had to wait for help to put them in place.

    Three walls up.

    The front wall up with the door frame.

    The jousts and ridge board in place.

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  1. Jipus5
    Too bad none of the pics came through!

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