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By bhazell123 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. bhazell123
    Hi my name is Brittney and I'm from welsh louisiana where I've been married for eight months to the worlds greatest hubby. My hubby and I have three dogs , three quinea pigs and 5 quail and 5 chicks that i hope one day may grow to lay eggs lol (hoping none are roos but its lookin like three are :( ) I like to watch my critters and learn to cook and perserve things lol . my neighbor before he passed used to give us the best pair butter ever so hopefully i will learn to make some jams and pair butter and pickled quail eggs (if they would lay more than one a day) lol . so thanks for reading
    oo p.s. the
    hubby is now selling energy, hydration and weight loss aids so please check out the site if interested and thanks a ton :) WWW.ADVOCARE.COM/11084258

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