This is my first Coop. I got all or most of my ideas from BYC. My plan was for a coop that could hold 6 chickens with a run attached. We are moving in a few months but I couldnt wait any longer to get some chicks. The chicks grew a lot faster than I expected so I was a little rushed but I think it worked out okay. I needed the coop to be light enough to move when we move but still predator proof since our new home will be in the woods.
I started with 4 4x4's and 2x4's in between. It is 4ft between the 4x4's and 3 ft front to back.
My plan was to put a removable litter tray under a wire floor to catch the natural fertilizer for the garden and compost. I went ahead and built the tray but decided that it wouldnt be too comfy for them while they were still young so I opted for the deep litter method. I kept the tray in case I decide to switch back.
I loved all the nesting boxes I have seen on BYC and the idea of not having to enter the coop so if the wife wants to check for eggs she doesnt have to worry about getting dirty. It has been working out great so far. Our chickens started laying at 15w weeks.
The boxes are 1x2's covered in the same paneling as the rest of the coop.
The cieling beams are 2x4's that I notched out to fit flush on the cross beams.
A simple slanted lid for the boxes and a latch to come to secure it at night.( Ihave just set a brick on top until I decide what type of latch I want.)
And here is the finished coop with the temporary run​