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By milakegrl · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. milakegrl
    The chicks I bought at Tractor Supply are not only NOT Araucana but EE's AND all male. Soup.
    The "grey" Silkie who hatched out first in my bator is now totally white, called Chixie & either male or female, I can't tell. Fluffy, I'm keeping.
    One large and in charge EE/Maren(I think) (from keri78 here @ BYC) roo called Pigit. I'm kinda attached to him.
    Nine others hatched out of a staggered hatch in May (one of which mysteriously ended up as pile of feathers in the yard & we're still trying to figure out what happened there). Random breeds: cochins, barred rock (I think), Rhode Island Red (named by my friend's kids "Red Head" - fingers crossed for a hen here!), that I have to post pics of so ya'll can help me decide to eat or keep!
    I'm looking forward to setting up the bator in September for some Araucana eggs I have a lead on from ebay.....of which produce some blue laying hens or I will pull my hair out.should

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