Big White Bird

  1. DarkWater1929
    When he came to us, he was a scared little thing, rejected by his owner, along with his gold-laced buddy, because they had turned out to be boys. He had been named "Big Bird," but he was not big. However, he was, indeed, a Bird, so he has always been just "Bird" to us.

    Bird has grown into a very handsome Polish rooster. He chooses not to live with the other chickens, in their nice safe pen, at night. Instead, he roosts on our front porch. He can be relied upon to crow nearly exactly at 3:00AM each morning. When we reset the clocks for daylight savings time, Bird somehow reset his clock, also. He was right on time, as always.

    The hens do not care for Bird. During the day, they all free-range. Bird has to ambush the hens in order to romance them; then he has to proceed very quickly, before the alpha rooster, BBC, can get there to interfere. Poor Bird! It was only about a month ago that a chick with his telltale dreadlocks hatched, confirming that even he can get lucky sometimes.

    Bird, for all his odd qualities, is everyone's favorite. We have been asked to sell him many times, but I can never go through with it. He likes me. That is a hard quality to resist! Also, Bird loves to pose for photos, and he is my favorite subject. It is hard to catch him when he is clean, but he does love a bath, so it is possible, if I have the time. I just adore this hippy-chicken![​IMG]






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  1. N F C
    Bird sounds like a lot of fun! Congratulations on POW!
  2. BoomChickaPop
    Congrats on winning POW!! Bird looks like my white polish roo in my avatar (without the beard)
    How old is Bird?

  3. DarkWater1929
    Thank you all so much! What a delight to have Bird chosen this week! I told him of the honor, but he was not inspired by the new celebrity status to behave with any more dignity. Ah, well. Still, it is nice to have my admiration for him echoed by so many! I fear that sometimes I am a bit biased. But not in the case of Bird. Thank you, again!!!
  4. peastix
    Handsome bird and lovely story.
  5. Ballerina Bird
    What wonderful pics! Totally endearing roo.
  6. TwoCrows
    What a gorgeous bird!
  7. JessHeller
    What a great story and I can tell he is a character.
  8. CherriesBrood
    Love your story of Bird. He's such a pretty rooster.
  9. Fuzzyrules
    Love your story. Bird is quite a roo.
  10. Yorkshire Coop
    Bird is very pretty and sure seems to know his own mind!!
  11. sunflour
    Thanks for sharing Bird's pics and story. He is a regal fellow.
  12. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  13. DarkWater1929
    Hi! Thanks for admiring my darling Bird! Yes, I have wondered about his ability to see... on a couple of occasions I have given him a "hair" cut. He really objects to that! And, it is amazing how much has to go, in order to make a difference. Scary, wielding scissors so close to his eyes, with him tossing around.

    His buddy went off to be king of his own flock. He is a far more .. ah, ... traditional sort of fellow. Last I heard, he was quite a good shepherd to a flock of Polish ladies.

    Yes, Whittni, I worry a bit, too. However, now that it is warm at night, Bird's perch is just above, and slightly to the side of, Annie's nighttime bed. Annie is our cow dog. She views each of the critters on the place as her very own, and is most protective of them. She will even break up fights between critters, from cows to sheep to chickens. Our greatest challenge has been persuading her that the chickens' intimate behavior is not combative, and therefore, does not require her interference. Woe to the predator that comes close to the house! Sadly, the coyotes do take a calf or two each year, in the fields farthest from the house. They seldom get to consume them, but the horror of it breaks my heart each time. Despite this, hubby will not allow me to camp in the pasture during calving season. I would do so, otherwise! But Bird is likely safer in Annie's company than he would be just about anywhere else. :)
  14. Whittni
    Cute! However, it isn't safe for him to sleep on your porch, he needs to be protected from predators, not exposed..especially since he's your best buddy.
  15. hashworld
    Very handsome boy indeed. His comb is awesome..wondering if he can see clearly through all those feathers..And wondering whatever happened to his gold-laced buddy ?

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