.Pills for Your Chickens
Ive tried everything from making my own food to playing my chickens music, but the best thing ive found for my chickens is vitamins.
I read at the feed store on the back of a feed supplement that the main ingredient was Amino Acids, but it was twenty dollars a pound.
Since there is no way that im spending that much money on practically nothing, i went to my local health foods store and picked up
some Amino Acid supplement pills. That night i put a pill in each gallon waterer in their chicken coop, and went to bed. The next morning
i woke up to dissapointment, But the next day i found 15 eggs in my nest boxes. Along with Amino Acid pills, I supplement their diet with:
zinc= Immune Health
Ginseng= Energy and Immune Health
B1= To help convert food ito energy
B6=Metabolism Support
B-complex= Pretty much everything
Vitamin C=Bone and Egg Strength
Pottasium=Healthy urinary tract and blood pressure
Lysine=Collagen/Tissue Renewal
Boitin= Healthy skin, feathers, and nails
Niacin=Heart Health/Circulation
and Cranberry pills. Ever since then, my chickens have quadrupled their egg production. I highly recomend using these Vitamins on yoour chickens. he winter hardly even fases them anymore.