I don't have a camera to update my beautiful flock of 9, now all laying and all fabulous! Here are some pictures of the very start of our
chicken journey!

Our jealous Pug Lucy, who is looking in on our two-day-old Black Copper Marans chicks.

Jacqui is standing tall, with Margaux beside her. Both are Black Copper Marans pullets.

Margaux, one week old.

LeMerde, a BCM cockerel, one week old.


Clotaire, my favorite BCM cockerel at 3 weeks. We had to put him down because of a bad hip injury.

Full body shot of our BCM cockerel Guillaume, right before his month birthday!

LeMerde at 10 weeks

Lucy the Pug with Gerard, a new BCM cockerel. Gerard is imprinted on humans and on Lucy, who is pretty freaked out by chickens.

Gerard cuddles in my lap. Everyone who meets him says one thing: "He looks so much like a dinosaur!"

Gerard was very slow to develop. The other chicks his age stand taller and have full feathers. Gerard lives with us
in a brooder in the house while the other full-feathered chicks have been living in the coop.

Our coop, La Maison D'oeufs (The House of Eggs), (with daughter and brother-in-law)

Jacqui finds her way out of the temporary run, while the permanent run is under construction.

Margaux, LeMerde, and Jacqui's butt at 10 weeks.

This is a video of the first morning LeMerde was crowing. Not sure why he waited so long. You can hear the Olive Egger cockerel trying to crow after LeMerde's second crow.

Eight Buff Orpington pullets - hatched November 8, 2010

Buff Orpington pullet hatched November 8, 2010

Buff Orpington Pullet hatched November 8, 2010

Our First Eggs!!

Growing out of the "awkward dinosaur" stage. All they want to do is climb all over us!

Jacqui and Margaux, my only two hens out of a huge bunch of BCM's!

Jacqui, my little breakfast machine, went broody and stopped laying for over a month.