Billy The Not So Roo Ish Rooster

By SagebrushMama · Jan 12, 2012 · Updated Jan 23, 2012 ·
  1. SagebrushMama
    This is Billy, our Black Cochin Rooster. He's odd for a rooster. We got him and his lady friends from McMurray Hatchery in April 2011. He's gentle with his girls, and whenever he scratches up anything good he'll "present it" to the nearest hen. Billy is a regular in the egg boxes, even if he is only sitting on colored plastic eggs from last Easter. He just knows he'll be great at raising chicks. Our hens are much more aggressive, Billy is very much more lover then fighter. He will shoot his big beak off through the day. Especially, if someone walks by and pays too much attention to his girls. I just know he's praying that nobody calls his bluff.



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