Bird Plans For 2011

By marina · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. marina
    2011 will bring new adventures in my fowl-rearing life.
    The batch of chicks that I get this season will not be for layers, but for meat birds instead. My friend and I will raise 50 K22s Salatin-style; i.e. on pasture in movable coops. If all goes well with them, I will raise a second fall batch to feed my wedding guests in October!
    I am looking forward to this new relationship with chickens, and curious to see how I handle it. I feel so close to my layers; I think of them more as pets than farm animals. I wonder if it will be difficult to process the meat birds after raising them from chicks.
    I will continue to keep layers, and currently have 3 generations in the coop. It has been interesting to watch how the different subflocks interact, especially now that the snow keeps them all close to the coop.

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