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By Lollie508 · Dec 27, 2013 · Updated Jul 25, 2014 · ·
  1. Lollie508
    Hi guys I wanted to know who's n your flock do you have roosters and if so how many? What are favorite breeds? And do you need a heater in the winter?:D sorry I just realized the confusing title. :/

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  1. Lollie508
    Thanks crazyfeathers good luck to your beautiful flock during this cold year, cant wait for your pullets start laying!
  2. crazyfeathers
    Lol I did not apply gasoline I applied vasoline, darn auto spell. Lol
  3. crazyfeathers
    I as well do not heat my coops and I live in Wisconsin. We have been below zero numerous
    Times already this winter and my girls are fine. I have 10 layers white rocks, orphintons, leg horns, and barred rocks. I did notice a bit of frost bite on the leg horns comb but applied gasoline. I also have pullets in another coop, SLW, Jaerhons, deuccles, astrolorps, and FOR they do not have heat lamps either. They all have heated water bowls and bedding either straw or pine. I was worried in the beginning of winter about them freezing but after reading on BYC that it is not necessary I chose no heat. I'm glad I did seeing we have pot bellied pigs that have to have heat lamps and don't need extra expenses (electricity). If chickens in Alaska don't need heat in the winter why would Wisconsin chickens. I only have 2 roosters as I had to cull an aggressive one, one is a de'uccle and the other a banton both are very sweet. Love to hear a rooster crow. Can't wait until my pullets start laying. Good luck with your peeps - peeps lol
  4. Brookliner
    I have 12 roosters, 15 hens, 2 of my hens are special needs - one is a crossbeak Ameracuna and one is an Ameracuna with brain damage from hatching. I have 8 of my roosters all either blue wheaten Ameracuna's or wheaten Ameracuna's in their own bachelor pen. No extra light or heat. They do fine. My special needs girls have 2 young Wyandotte pullets and an Ameracuna x silkie sizzle. I provide a 100 watt ceramic heat bulb in their coop. My main coop contains one rooster and 3 cockerls and the rest of the hens. They also have no heat. All my coops and the main coop run have heated dog bowls plus my special needs coop has a heated dog bowl to keep my crossbeaks mush from freezing. We have had temps below 0 and everything so far is working out as I had anticipated. Most of my flock are Ameracuna's. I also have silver laced wyandottes, 3 Welsummers, 2 marans cockerels,and a Cochin broody hen. All of my flock are bantams.

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