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Birdie In Show!

  1. silver1polish
    This is my wheaten serama penny! She is 8 months old. I bought her from OC Seramas for about $80. Kate the woman who started this
    is very nice and she breeds very nice birds!
    This week we are going to the Del Mar Fair I will be showing on Thursday! Here is a pic of her and me practicing!
    She is a little funny birdie! She has been laying little eggs too! Her favorite food is dried mealworms and live mealworms.
    We are still working on her poses yet she walks very nicely.
    Just got a pic of her. She is very tired from the exhausting showmanship day. There was a Lot of composition at show. There was 10 people and I got 5th place!

    Here is Penny's easter card!

    New pic! My female Gunea Pig Wallace loves when Penny comes over to say Hi! [​IMG] Update :"( Penny passed away on Feb 29, 2016. She was a beautiful bird i loved her so much, but she will aways be in my heart. :hit

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  1. Unruly Chicken
    She looks awsome
  2. ChickenLife
    She is so cute and I like her name. It looks to me the show business was very tiring.
  3. JLBS
    Wow! She is a stunningly beautiful bird! Thanks for sharing her picture.
  4. silver1polish
    Thank you for all the wonderful comments!
  5. Chicken Girl1
  6. Mellow1
    She is sure adorable, a little sweetie :>
  7. Tacampbell1973
    Wow! Penny is a good looking girl! She kinda reminds me of the hen on the Geico commercial...the one that travels across country on a railroad car and with a truck driver and stops at the diner....love that commercial.
  8. Hiyaherc
    Congratulations! What a beautiful girl.
  9. SouthGaRoo
    Way to go Penny!!!!!!!.You and Mom keep up the good work.
  10. Ballerina Bird
    What a cutie!

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