So here are a couple of pics of birds that hatched from Hot2Pot's (Deb) eggs. Here is all that is left of my first hatch, long story short, I lost all the buff orps and barred rock to my sister's dogs, who were clever enough to make me think it was a hawk attack for quite a while. Meanwhile, where these guys live, I lost what I'm guessing were a RIR roo and a BA roo since there is 1 RIR roo and 1 pullet left along with 2 BA pullets. If i'm wrong about the gender let me know. Right now they are sharing their run with 3 silkies and a banty hen I picked up, they're separated since they look all peck happy.





these are 4 Buff Orps that I hatched after I lost the first batch, I enjoyed the 1st batch better. These picked up bad habits from some mutts chicks I got off of craigslist, not too friendly. Right now they're out with the CL mutts, my BBS and wheaten/blue wheaten ameraucanas and a little EE hen (she hatched by herself which is my I got the CL mutts.)







this is the only little pullet out of the 4, she looks cute and maybe I can buy affection with mealworms.