Welcome to our web page!
Here we are on my birthday looking like we had a few drinks but we probably just ate too much!

Here are some pics of my 3 French Bulldogs
Here's Chewy loving the x-mas tree


Here's Archie, he's a puppy mill rescue that we adopted in Dec 2008. We're guessing he's about 10 years old. If you look close you might be able to see the number 88 tattooed in his ear.

Here's Chopper! He may look innocent here but he's the trouble maker in the house! Always starting a ruckus and begging to play!

Here is my American Bulldog "Balrog".

And here are my Ranchu Goldfish

I ordered them from an internet auction since I couldn't get any big ones in the local pet shops.
These guys are about as big as your fist and live in an 80 gallon bowfront tank.


Here are my new Comet Chicks Henny, Penny & Lucy!