[FONT=times new roman,times]Here are some pics of my Black Ameraucanas. They lay the teal egg. Like their Birchin Marans, Copper Black Marrans neighbors, these Black Ameraucanas are spoiled too.
Like all breeds I have, they are free to roam in and out of their own pen as pleased. Their glowing physique is well defined, upright, and outstanding.
Their diet consist of bugs, insects, and grass!! Their feed is speciall mash which consist of a well balanced ratio of grains and other supplements that contain no artifical hormones, insecticides, antibiotics, ect. With no stress, plenty of time to forage and well taken care of, they are happy happy chickens!!
I have 2 Roosters with 8 hens, eggs are really fertile! Let me know what you think of the pics.