Black Copper Marans

By crystalchik · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. crystalchik
    Black Copper Marans!
    Here are some of my Black Copper Marans! They are now laying gorgeous dark eggs and producing very well. They are from the Bev Marans line. They are show quality in addition to producing gorgeous eggs! They have the desired "lightly" feathered feet, with the feathers down the shank and outer toe, but not the middle toe or inner toe. The males especially have very nice color, and I am still working on improving color in the hens hackles.
    Here are some more pictures...!!


    Here's a unique boy...this is Gunner
    *please contact me for pricing...please disregard the below information*

    I have a limited number of hatching eggs and young males for sale.
    My prices usually are as fallowed:

    Single eggs:

    $4 each

    1 doz. hatching eggs:

    $40 per doz

    Older chicks (1-5 months old):

    Pair (male and female) - $50
    Single pullet - NA
    Single cockerel- contact for prices

    Adults (males for right now):


    For sale:
    I have 6 total young males for sale at the moment. They can be sold seperately or with a hen as a pair for $50.
    These are some younger boys with nice coloring coming in already in the hackles.^^
    ^The boy in the far back is not for sale...the other boys are pictured below, but the reason for this pic was to show the Cuckoo boy...he is split to a Black Copper.^
    ^This little guy is very docile. He is getting gold coloring on his hackles & sickles so he may end up looking like Gunner pictured just above the price chart...however, he still comes from the Black Copper line.^
    This another male. He is a bit smaller than the others.^
    This boy again, has gold in his hackles, but the copper coloring in his wing. Like I said above, he still comes from the Black Copper line though he may end up looking like Gunner.^


    *Please email me if you are interested in purchasing any of these birds or eggs, or if you would like any more information or pictures!*

    Thanks for looking!! =)

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  1. kathiej4455
    If you ever have any pullets for sale, I would be interested. I cannot have a rooster where I live. But, I am in FL - just south of Tampa, so I could come and pick them up. I can be reached at [email protected]. Thank you!

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