Black Tailed Buff Japanese Chickens Pictures Of Development

By Dawn419 · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Dawn419
    Here are our Black Tailed Buff Japanese. I wasn't going to do a page for them but figured that it may be able to help someone out eventually.
    They arrived May 14, 2007 along with our 5 EE's, 5 Mottled Cochins, 5 Blue/Black/Splash Silkies, 3 Silver Sebrights ans one Silver Spangled Hamburg. We ordered 5, only 2 survived.
    1 week old...

    3 week old...
    6 weeks old ( thought this could be a pair since the one on the lefts comb was bigger and it also had bigger wattles)...
    9 week old cockeral...
    What we hoped was a 9 week old pullet...
    13 week old BTBJ cockeral...
    By the time the flock turned 16 weeks old, we knew we definately had two BTBJ cockerals. From left to right: 2 EE and MC pullets, then the two BTBJ cockerals...
    "The BTBJ Boys" at 17 weeks old...
    One of my favorite pictures...
    They are very cool dudes but since we have no ladies for them, we'll not be keeping them for breeding purposes.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Dawn & Skip

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  1. 10_is_enough
    I had 2 hens but we lost one pretty young. The other is so pretty! We call her Miss Patsy because she walks so proud!

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