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Blackbird12s Page

  1. LeBlackbird
    I live in the lovly Berks County! That's i Pennslyvania. I live on 4 acres in my 3 bedroom house with 2 decent Parents, and two annoying brothers. One is older, one is younger. I breed Ameraucanas, And Have a variety of birds in my mixed flock.[​IMG] Life is good
    My bantams,
    1 trio of White plymouth rocks (forsale), 1 bantam barred rock pullet, 2 brown red cochin roos (forsale), 1 birchen cochen roo (forsale), 3 brown red cochin pullets, 1 buff silkie pullet, 1 blue frizzle cochin pullet, and 1 blue cochin pullet

    My Mixed flock,
    1 aged black star hen, 1 aged WCB polish hen, 1 buff brahma hen, 1 russian Orloff hen, 1 GLW, 1 Partridge cochin, 2 white leghorn hens, 2 delaware hens, 1 Cream Brabanter roo

    My Ameraucanas
    1 black Ameraucana Cock, 1 Black Ameraucana hen, 2 black Ameraucana Cockerels, 3 ameraucana pullets

    LF Cochins,
    1 Black Cohin cockerel, 2 Black Cochin Pullets, 1 blue Cochin pullet

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