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Blackcreekpoultry Coms Member Page

  1. BlackCreekPoultry.com
    My name is Brian Cundy. I purchased the Domain name: BlackCreekPoultry.com. I did not and do not have anything to do with any past business Black Creek Poultry might have done. I only purchased the web address.
    My original intent was to resell the name. After investigating the business and seeing how much traffic is generated to the site, I decided I would try and find an Affiliate Program and do some business. Blackcreekpoultry.com has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 19,777,851
    I am looking to work with a top line company. I only want to be a reseller and lead generator for someone. If interested, please email. Thank you in advance.
    A new website should be up shortly. I take possesion of the name 06/07/2011

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