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    So, after going to a birthday bash for a friend of my husbands, and seeing how much my 3 year old loved chasing his chickens around, my hubby broke down and we got some chicks from another friend of his. They were supposed to all be Black Copper Marans. We started out with 5 chicks, but 2 didn't make I've had 3 chicks in my closet, in a box, with a light over them for the past 6 weeks...
    Now, I'm sure you've heard that Sesame Street song...One of these things isn't like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong...
    Come to find out, I have a Cuckoo Marans Cockerel, a Black Copper Marans cockerel and a Black Copper Marans pullet.
    My 2 older boys got ahold of naming them...So, we have Double Stuff (the cuckoo marans cockerel), Oreo (the BCM cockerel), and Cookie (the BCM pullet). Go figure.
    I was going to build a basic coop for them (they can't live in my closet forever), but, I also want to keep the lines separate (in case I wanted to sell some eggs, I will know what they are). So, I decided on a 2 part coop. I was going to build it myself, but then good ole Dad offered to build it...modular style. So, I shipped all the materials I bought to his house. This is what I ended up with...

    I then bought some eggs through here, and tried my hand at hatching...I got 2 out of 7 BCM's, and I'll have 4 Cuckoo marans and 2 more BCM's that may hatch in another week (they may not hatch, though, due to shipping issues).
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