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    "Barnyard," a nickname I have grown to be proud of. I was coined with this nickname by my high school art teacher, mostly because my last name is a derivative of the word "barn." Aside from that I spent part of my younger years helping my parents manage a small working farm. We had laying hens, ducks, a goose, a few cows, and twin goats we affectionately and aptly called Rich and Ray, after my dad and his twin brother.
    I am now a 3rd time owner of laying hens in our backyard. We got our little chicks 3 weeks before the big egg recall and just solidifies my reasoning to get back to self-suficency. With some of my creativity, an old dog house, and my wonderful husband we have just gave 6 ladies their new home. We have 3 Arcaunas and 3 Buff Orpingtons.


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