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Blkpoodless Member Page

By blkpoodles · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. blkpoodles
    Hello my name is Ashley. My husband Dan and I are new on raising chickens. Together we own 1 white leghorn who thinks she's a silkie, 8 Polishes(1 buff lace and 3 silver laces are for sale) and 9 Silkies. Yes the chickens are mainly mine, they love me probably just as much as I love them. My daughter Caroline enjoys watching them and wants to play with them but she's a bit too young and rough. My buff lace polish Mo and I did our first show at the Riverton Fair in Riverton CT. We won 1st place. I'm getting more silkies from Sensational Silkies from her show quality stock so we can do the real shows. Never thought I'd enjoy chickens as much as I do. My mom laughs at me and says "I knew you'd end up being a farmer." I laugh and agree. Animals are my life.

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