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Blondie and Pilot

By 1girl2chicks · May 26, 2013 ·
  1. 1girl2chicks
    This is Blondie and Pilot at 3 weeks old
    Blondie is a white plymouth rock chicken. She is OBSESSED with mealworms. Every time I shake the bag she'll come running as fast as she can to snack on them. When the bag is on the floor in the she'll come by, stand on the bag, and scratch and peck the bag until I acknowledge her.
    Pilot is a Silver Wyandotte chicken, she is the same age as Blondie. Pilot is really shy, she doesn't like being held but I'm trying to get her to warm up to people. She doesn't have a favorite snack yet, I've been getting her to try different veggies and fruits but so far nothing has sticked. I purchased these cuties at three days old at "Odyssey Farm" in Antelope Valley California.
    Here are some more great photos:

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