Blood, sweat and tears.....literally!

  1. shutin from hip
    It all started when my 6 year old boy asked for a chicken coop for his birthday. Most boys want a bike or skateboard which would have been easy. After a month or so of looking at different coop designs, an eclectic blend of coops was finally chosen, construction began (without plans, which took about 20 trips to our local Home Depot) and our family adventure ensued.

    After three months of toil, drama, and the now infamous finger amputation, our family coop is finally finished and ready for the girls to begin roosting. You heard it right, while cutting one of the redwood siding boards, my makeshift table where my chop saw was sitting on collapsed. As a result, the index finger of my left hand endured a "traumatic amputation" (and subsequent surgeries to skin graft new tissue and nerves). Ouch. But anything for my sweet little boy. We can't wait to get those little chicks, who are currently residing in a big blue bin in my master bathroom, chirping and keeping me awake all night, move into their new 5 star home.




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  1. ChickenPresence
    What a beautiful coop! Hats (and then some!!) off to you! Love the colors and the rest of the yard too, what a story to tell...Good luck with your birds, what types did you get?
  2. chickenboy190
    Awesome job! :~D

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