Jackrabbit Johnson's Homestead
Nomans Land, Rural Nevada

~ The Squawk Box ~
Our monthly visits to the feed store always include a looksee at the "for sale" bulletin board.
Bein's I had chickens on my wish list I was delighted to see 6 hens & 2 roosters for sale. But then I was quickly discouraged when "reality" spoke. Ya may have one of them "voices" that can burst yer bubble with all its logic and rational that constantly puts yer dreams on the back burner.
Dang, I hate that voice!
I took the phone number and gave the gal a jingle anyhoo.

After much chicken chat she agreed to hold the birds while we built a coop.

Off to work we went!

First a good 2 ft of snow had to be cleared.



We looked at the many creative chicken coops on BYC, and booooooy are there some awesome coops ya'll have built.....then we settled for affordable.

Livin' a on a retirement budget can really stink at times, but we have a sayin' around here

"ya git what ya git, so dont throw a fit"

sooooo we worked with it.

We found a 10x8 metal storage shed on sale at Home Depot, bought lumber and wire to tweak the inside and started to work.



Snow, wind, rain and cold temps didnt keep us from accomplishing the task......


The wood trim around the vents ( which are on the front as well) will get painted when the paint wont freeze to the brush AND we'll make access openings and attach a 12ft run when the ground thaws.

But for now we feel the chickens will be comfortable so we added the final touches to the inside...a heat lamp, lights, a water & feeder, and shavings......and headed off to get'em!


Everyone was cluckin' and scratchin' their way around their new home.


I was doubtful of the hens using the nesting boxes, but they were fast to find them and get busy drawin' straws for the best box.


In the mornin' we had 3 fresh eggs and the roosters were crowin'.


I say it was their way of sayin' "Thanks"



Its been 6 days and everyone seems to have adjusted well.

We've collected 19 eggs, but we cant bring ourselves to eat them....yet.

I expect to find my husband havin' scrambled eggs soon, but til the newness wears off, we jus add eggs to the basket in the fridge and smile over them.

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