Bloomington Indiana Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens Allowed5 hens no roosters- ZONING ORDINANCES APPLY
Roosters AllowedNo see above
Permit RequiredYes
Coop RestrictionsProximity, sanitation, noise, and zoning restrictions apply.
City/Organization Contact name
Additional InformationCrops and PasturageRE Zoning District. (1) Livestock shall be permitted only in a pasturage context. Pasture use shall be limited to one animal unit per acre of land actually used as pasture and accessible to the livestock. Land with slope in excess of fifteen percent shall not be considered in determining the total pasture size, and shall not be utilized for pasture purposes. (2) Animal units per animal shall be determined as follows: (A) All larger animals, including cattle, horses, swine, ponies, etc., shall equal one animal unit; (B) Goats, sheep, miniature horses, etc., shall equal 0.5 animal unit; (C) All smaller animals including fowl shall equal 0.2 animal unit; and (D) All animals less than four months of age shall be calculated at one-half the unit value of their respective category above. (3) All other agricultural businesses involving livestock are prohibited, including but not limited to concentration points, confined feeding, feedlots, feeder pig operations, livestock auctions, livestock dealers, sale barns, stock yards, and transfer stations. (4) Livestock shall not be kept on any parcel of less than five acres in area and three hundred feet in width, except that chickens and ducks may be kept within the density limits on parcels of two acres or more. (5) Structures containing livestock or livestock waste shall meet the following minimum setbacks: (A) Front setback: seventy-five feet; (B) Side setback: fifty feet; (C) Rear Setback: seventy-five feet. (b) Accessory Chicken FlocksRE and RS Zoning District. (1) One chicken flock may be kept as a use accessory to a permitted residential use, provided that such use is permitted by Title 7 of the Bloomington Municipal Code, as it may hereafter be amended, and further provided that such use complies with all regulations of Title 7 of the Bloomington Municipal Code, as it may hereafter be amended. Such regulations of Title 7 of the Bloomington Municipal Code are expressly incorporated herein by reference. In areas that are subject to this title but not within the corporate boundaries of the city of Bloomington, the planning department shall administer and enforce such regulations. \"Chicken\" means Gallus gallus domesticus, a domestic bird typically kept on a farm. This definition does not include other fowl, such as, but not limited to, peacocks, turkeys or waterfowl. \"Chicken coop\" means an enclosed structure for housing chickens that provides shelter from the elements. \"Chicken flock\" means one chicken or a group of two or more chickens which: (a) Contains no more than five hens and no roosters; and (b) Is issued a permit by the city of Bloomington animal care and control; and (c) Is not otherwise permitted by Section, Table 7-2 of the Bloomington Municipal Code as the same may be hereafter amended or replaced; and (d) Reside in an area zoned estate residential (RE) or single-dwelling residential (RS) or those estate residential or single-dwelling residential portions of a planned unit development (PUD) as defined in Chapter 20.07 of the Bloomington Municipal Code, as the same may be hereafter amended or replaced.
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