Blue Cochin/Ameraucana mix rooster

By 521654 · Aug 19, 2018 · ·
  1. 521654
    Hi everyone!
    We have had chickens for over a year now and I just wanted to share our little rooster we hatched with anyone who would like to see what a hybrid blue cochin/ameraucana looks like. Enjoy!
    20180819_084041.jpg 20180819_084142.jpg 20180819_084050.jpg 20180819_084031_Burst01.jpg

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  1. ronott1
    "Good Article"
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    He looks very nice!
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  1. N F C
    Very handsome!
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  2. MROO
    Holy Cow, he's a pretty fella!
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    1. 521654
      Thank you ❤

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