Blue Copper Marans 1

By crfarm · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. crfarm
    Here is some pics of our beautiful Blue Copper Marans. We had bought some from Greenfire and looking forward to start hatching once they start laying which should be real soon! :)
    Here is one of our Roos

    Another Roo
    Our best colored pullet

    We have one other pullet but haven't taken a pic yet. She doesn't have hardly any copper showing like the above pullet.

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  1. DownByTheRiver
    Those are some beautiful birds! I love blue copper Marans! I just got seven chicks from Goldfeather Farm in Louisiana.
  2. Peaches Lee
    Thanks for sharing the pics! This was great for looking up what a Blue Copper Marans looks like. The photos are perfect. :)

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