Blue Copper Marans
If beauty is in the eye the beholder, you need to stick a blue copper marans in your eye! of
We love their grey/blue feathering and our blue coppers lay large, dark eggs. The middle rooster is from Mari Krebs line. Isn't he striking? And he's only about 7 months old in this picture
. Molly is on the right and she is his favorite

Because the blue coloring does not breed true, matings will produce different colors of offspring depending on the parents.

[FONT=book antiqua,palatino]A Blue X Blue gives 50% Blue, 25% Black & 25% Splash.
A Splash X Splash gives 100% Splash.

A Blue X Black gives 50% Black & 50 % Blue.

A Splash X Black gives 100% Blue.

A Splash X Blue tends to give a lighter Blue.

A Black X Blue tends to give a darker Blue.
Try some today, you'll like 'em!
[FONT=book antiqua,palatino]