Blue Kings - Blue Laying Fully Crested Hybrid

By Chicken5555 · Jan 11, 2017 · Updated Jan 20, 2017 · ·
  1. Chicken5555
    Who here LOVES Polish Crested Chickens?
    I mean, who doesn't, right? I know I do.
    But wouldn't it be awesome if you had some that laid blue eggs?

    "Why not just get a few easter eggers along with your Polish if you want blue eggs?" one might ask. Not everyone has the space (like I do) for a dozen or more chickens. And not all easter eggers will lay blue eggs. Some lay shades of brown, green or even white eggs.

    Just look at this trio of eggs. Take the blue away and all you have are two brown eggs. Don't get me wrong, brown eggs are great. But I can dash over to my grocery store and buy a dozen of 'em any time.

    "Don't they already have a crested green layer, the Cream Legbar" I hear you ask. Yes, there is that lovely breed, but wouldn't you love the full luxurious crest that adorns the Polish's head on your new blue egg layers?

    Besides, if you could only buy five chickens, but you can't choose between a blue layer and the gorgeous flowy crest of the Polish, you shouldn't have to choose! That's why I want to start something - a breeding program to create a fully crested blue laying chicken.

    I plan on hatching my first generation in about a month from now. It will be a tedious journey that will require some tough choices, but it will be well worth it once I see my fully crested chickens laying blue eggs like these.

    *** All pictures are of my own chickens and their eggs. I do not currently have any "Blue Kings". Photos are of Pure Polish, True Ameraucana eggs, easter egger eggs and an easter egger chicken.

    JANUARY 12, 2017
    Eggs for the first generation went into the incubator this morning!

    JANUARY 20, 2017
    There were 41 eggs, but only 29 were fertile. Ameraucanas are princesses for sure! LOL
    We are down to only 15 of the Ameraucana x Polish F1 eggs. I hope they all hatch.

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  1. Neolones
    What is the latest with this project? Facebook page not working boo :(
  2. Chicken5555
  3. Chicken5555
    DancingWthDucks... I sure will :D
  4. Chicken5555
    Banaynaychicken.... just for crested blue layer at first. I am so excited about this project that I feel like the first round of eggs have been in the incubator for ever!!! It's only been 8 days though.
  5. Banaynaychicken
    This sounds AMAZING!

    Please update us frequently, as these would be the most awesome-est birds ever.

    Coming from a polish fanatic of course. Would you be breeding for specific colors or just for a crested blue layer at first?
  6. DancingWthDucks
    This is so cool! Please keep updating this.
  7. Chicken5555
    If anyone is interested on working on this project, we could swap eggs later on down the line to add fresh DNA to our flocks. The Blue Kings will be fully crested easter eggers and, after only a couple of years, they will breed true for egg color and crest size.

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