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Blue Lace Red Wyandotte

By dati52194 · Mar 4, 2013 ·
  1. dati52194
    My name is Tina and I live in PA. I have always wanted chickens but my husband was reluctant to get any. Then one day he came home with 16 commercial laying hens that were in full blown molt! The company was giving them away and he decided he would bring me some. Now mind you this was in the middle of February these poor chickens hardly had any feathers to keep them warm! I wasn't prepared to have these birds and had to do some quick thinking to get them warm! They turned out to be golden comets and did very well once they figured out how to be a chicken. They had been in cages their whole life. That was my introduction to the chicken world. We went kinda crazy at first ordering all kinds of different breeds and I finally settled on the BLR. I have other breeds as well, another favorite is the spangled hamburg and speckeled sussex. I got my BLR from a private breeder in NY. I really enjoy this breed and am having fun trying my hand at hatching the wyandottes.




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