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By blueid10 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. blueid10
    Hey it's Alex!!!! We have four Prize Winning Pullets [​IMG] that we show at fair and four easter eggers that aren't similar enough to show a second year. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for a new breed to get? Pictures on tommorrow's post! Anyway...

    L8R G8R- Alex!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, I'm back!!! Anyway, we're looking for breeds that are fancy, heavy layers, and good with kids! So here's the pictures of my chickies!!!
    Ok... never mind, I can't figure it out, as simple as it is. [​IMG] Oh well. Anyway, if you have any ideas about the breeds, give me a response.

    L8R G8R- Alex!!!!!!!!!!

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