Blueluckys Rirs

By bluelucky · Apr 27, 2012 · ·
  1. bluelucky
    Describe 'Blueluckys RIR's' here

    I got 7 1 week old Rhode Island Red chicks on April 16th and they are growing up fast.. They like flies and moths and treats right now and are in a boarder till it warms up to at least 60 at nights here in Indianapolis. I had 36 chickens when I was about 10-12 and just had a urge to get more now that I am 40 almost 41 and wanted a new hobby that gives back.. I do scrollsaw artwork so this is a great outlet..
    Here's a pic of their Coop and Run I bought at TSC and am going to have to build on to the coop for the winter time..

    I think I have a good start so far...

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  1. gracierooster
    When I was a kid I had chickens also, I had Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. I just went back to them like you, I went with the Rhode Island Reds, they are such a nice bird aren';t they?

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