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By Americano Blue · Mar 7, 2015 · Updated Nov 14, 2015 ·
  1. Americano Blue
    So, it just occurred to me that I don't have a thingy about my animals. Shocker right? Since everyone has a thing about their chickens and only chickens, I decided to do something a little different. So here I am, doing a thingy on my animals, chickens or not.

    I guess it is only fitting to start with the type of animal that has been in my life since I was two. Dogs are a HUGE part of my life and I love doing different things with them.
    Mushing, showing, agility and obedience are the main things but Therapy Work is in the near future.

    Cindy~Cindy is my four year old Lab Shar Pei mix. She has impacted my life in so many ways and I am lucky to have her. Cindy is the dog with many hats. She is involved with mushing, agility, showing, obedience and will soon be doing Therapy work. Hard to believe she was once a lonely shelter dog who seemed to have no potential. She is the perfect example of how some effort and love can bring out the best in someone, despite their past!

    Chloe~Chloe was the first real dog I owned. This six year old Lab mix has been with me though thick and thin. She is stubborn as a mule and not very smart. Even though my family often wants to sell the silly thing, I am determined to keep her until she passes. Though she is far from the most behaved, she is always ready to comfort someone who is sad.

    Meringue~ This two year old Alaskan Husky is probably the most energetic dog I know. Being the only true sled dog I own, she runs lead on my team. As soon as she sees her harness, she will start barking just waiting to break trial and run. Not only is she a sled dog, but she also does level 1 agility. Despite her looks, she is a prized member of my pack and I have great plans for her.

    Griz~ RIP- ??-5/18/14. Griz is by far my favorite dog and I still cry when I think about him.Personally, he was the greatest sled dog that ever live. He was an Iditarod finisher and a great teacher. Griz taught me more about loving others and never giving up than any person could. I love this dog dearly and I will never forget the day he died. It was mid day on May 18th when the phone rang. The person of the other end informed me the Griz had been hit on the highway and was killed. I cried for a week straight and had to force myself to go out to the dog yard and take care of Meringue, Checkers, Cindy and Chloe. I couldn't stand to look at his food bowl or dog house. His collar and harness are hanging proudly in my shed and I when I start my own mushing kennel I will name it after him.

    The moment you have all been waiting for...Chickens!!!
    Clara and Mary~ These are my two Australorp hens. They are some of the first hens I ever owned and the only ones who survived the massive dog attack. Lucky girls.


    Alabama and Michigan~These are my two leghorn chicks. They enjoy sleeping, eating and pooping. That's about it.



    Hawaii- My rather bossy Golden Sex Link

    Alaska-My lovey-dovey Black Sex link. She LOVES to cuddle.

    Colorado- My dear little Buff Orpington.

    Texas-My fat little Silver Wyandotte. Gotta lover her!

    Florida- My second Buff Orpington. She is sweet as honey!
    Blue, Charlie, and Echo
    If you've seen Jurassic World, you know where I got the names from. I had a Delta, but she made the mistake of perching on the dog yard fence...*Single tear falls*.

    (I'll get a picture soon)

    Current picture of all the chicks:
    As my friend says "What is a farm without the cats?"

    Shasta~This little girl just showed up one day and never left. She is the strangest cat I know and I love her dearly.

    Professor~By far my favorite cat. This big Maine Coon showed up at out door and decided to stay. It is almost impossible to get a decent picture of him.


    I hope you enjoyed looking at my pets and I will be adding to the group soon! Ta Ta For Now!
    ~Americano Blue


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  1. Americano Blue
    6 Chickens
    6 Dogs
    2 Cats
    2 Rodents
  2. hellbender
    No wabbits?
  3. jburts
    cool nice to see your pics as well,
  4. Americano Blue
  5. MrsBrooke
    How fun! Love your fur and feather family! :D
  6. 21hens-incharge
    Two thumbs up for the sweet tribute to Griz. You have a huge heart and are well spoken. Nice to include everyone and not just the chickens.
  7. Chickenchick11
  8. lightchick
    Love it! Your dogs are awesome! Especially Griz. I didn't know you had gotten more chicks! (other then Alabama and Michigan.) I love how you named them after states!
  9. mymilliefleur
    Great article! I would do one with all my animals, but it would be really really long.....
  10. Americano Blue
  11. crazyfeathers
    I think you need more chickens!! LOL Great article, I wish more people would do this, it's neat to see what other people have whether it be dogs, cats, goats, or cows! Good Job.
  12. ChickyChickens
    LOve it!! I think i should do this!! But since i have about 600 pets...i REALLY shouldn't...
  13. Americano Blue
  14. Mountain Peeps
    I LOVE your dogs!!! Great descriptions!

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