In August of 2009, I purchased my first trio of show quality Black, Bantam Cochins.
They were bred by John Bashaw, of LaCrescent, MN.
Mr. Bashaw has been breeding, showing, and judging poultry for over 50 years! Nothing like starting with the best!

This is my stunning black roo:


Shine brought with him two, lovely 'ladies'...


This is his first night in his new home with "Silk" and "Satin"
Both girls had been in breeding pens so were a bit bare headed. They're MUCH prettier now!


These three black beauties have so totally stolen my heart and made a believer out of me that I quickly decided
that I needed more! So, I started doing a LOT of research. Spending endless hours on the web, learning about this magnificent breed and trying to decide what colors I would like to raise.
Then, a friend sent me a link to a photo of a MILLE FLEUR colored cochin. That's it. I was a goner!

I have spent the past week on the computer for endless hours every day and night. I've looked at hundreds of photos and chatted with numerous breeders. I've discovered BYC, and Eggbid and Feathersite. The "Mille Fleur Progress Update" in the forum is PRICELESS!
Now, I'm ready. It's time for me to jump in! I just HAVE to find myself some quality breeding stock so that
I too can join the group of dedicated breeders working on developing this exquisitely colored bird! I'm just a beginner ~ so I'll turn to the best. For guidance,
knowledge, and most of all for MILLE FLEUR COCHINS!!!

stay tuned...