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    [FONT=trebuchet ms,geneva]First up, we had a very upsetting event this week. We only recently found out that our white silkie was a boy, so our only two silkies were both roos. Two days ago, we came home to them fighting and the white one had a bloody head. My daughter was very upset about the whole episode, and to deal with her feelings, she created this artwork. She made it on her Wacom tablet, in Photoshop, from memory.[/FONT]


    This is an example of a project I did with my crafts students during last school year.
    They took blotter paper, folded it different ways, dipped the corners in concentrated Kool-Aid or paper dye, unfolded it, let it dry and then ironed it. Next, they created a design for a printing plate that would match up with itself and create a repeated image when printed over and over. They printed their designs on the Kool-Aid paper. Jessica chose a rooster design. I don't think she believed me when I told her that it was one of my favorites. I think the project was a great success. When they ironed the paper the room smelled like Kool-Aid. At the end of the project, we had a Kool-Aid party.


    In 19th century Poland, people in rural areas created art to decorate their homes by cutting and glueing paper. The art form is called Wycinanki (pronounced vee-chee-NON-key). The designs varied from region to region, but in general were symmetrical and often included birds, frequently roosters. I showed my students this example when we began our paper cut project. Some Wycinanki from Poland are extraordinarily complex, but this one is relatively simple. I imagine the artist cut a piece of black paper in half, and then cut out the design, which is based on a circle. After glueing the paper down to a white background paper, the artist took other, bright colors of paper and cut out additional elements, such as the roosters' wings, and glued those down. ​

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