Hi, My name is Mertice. My husband Bill and I are retired in the mountains of New Mexico. We got tired of traveling, we are basically homebodies. In the past 2 years we have built a greenhouse and a chicken house and acquired chickens. We purchased 6 pullets and an impulse buy of 3 guinea keets from the feed store so that we could have the luxery of fresh organic eggs. As things turned out we ended up with 4 pullets and 2 cockerels.As they became sexually mature, 2 roosters were just to many for the 4 pullets. We ate Rocky for Sunday dinner and he was delicious. The girls are much happier with just 1 rooster to contend with. He is a RI Red, his name is Lucky (after all it was Rocky that got eaten) and he follows me everywhere.The girls are Lola, a Black Star, Sadie, a Dominique, Goldie, a gold laced Wyandotte, and Penny, a Welsummer. They are all laying now. Lola has not missed a single day since her first egg. Sadie lays almost every day. Penny lays 3 or 4 eggs a week and they are the most beautiful dark brown with speckles. Goldie lays when she feels like it. After all when you are that beautiful do you need to work for a living? We lost 2 of the guineas. One died while still very young and the other one disappeared, predator? Now Giselle thinks she is a chicken and regularly mates with Lucky.

It has all been such fun, I wish we had done it years ago.