Boarding School For Chickens References

  1. 9SpiceyChickens
    This will always be a work in progress! (WIP)

    Name: Rocky
    Age: 18
    Breed: New Hampshire Red
    Size: Standard
    Classes they want to take: Mandatory + he's in Fooooootball
    Other- Daves friend + roommate?

    Age: 13
    Breed: Polish
    Size: standard
    Classes: mandatory and library
    Other: Sephora’s best friend? ( up to @9SpiceyChickens ) pretty and a lot of the boys like her. Proud and sassy
    (Will get pics after rain stops)
    Name: Squiggles
    Age: 37
    Size: Bantam
    Headmistress ( there is room for one more)
    Other: is very strict and intimidating

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    Name: Storm
    Breed: Silkie
    Size: bantam
    Classes: NA ( hethe maths teacher
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    Name: Daisy
    Age: 13 if she was a human
    Breed: OEGB
    Size: bantam
    Classes they want to take:
    Chicken history
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    Ok then meet pecky!!
    Age-65 (in human years)
    OTHER: Is kind but will not do trouble makers in his school. Is usually fair but absolutely adores chickens that are A+ students. Doesn’t like his school to be messy and disorganized.
    Is actually the swim coach-he went to the olympics when he was young for swimming

    Name:Miss Peekaboo
    Age: 42
    Breed: Pekin?
    Size: LARGE
    Classes they want to take:All mandatory and Gardening
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    A dorm is set up like this- 1 Dorm is like a small coop- It has 3 nesting boxes, for hens, two tall roosts, 2 feeder, three waterers, and 3 short roosts. The nesting boxes are roll-out-boxes so thats were they do homework! Then they have a ramp down to a small run- there they have a kiddy pool, and grass! Often times, they will find little treats there- like Watermelon, Tomatoes, Basil, Marigold, and other things!

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    "Thankyou so much for making this"
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    so thanks for doing that for me as I have like no idea how to do it
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  1. TelfTheElf
    That is such a cool boarding kennels for dogs...just for chickens instead!!!
    1. Butterscotchbitesfinger
      This is more like a boarding school for chickens, The boarding school is a RP
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