Bogtown's Chooks -- Spring 2016

Sylvia a 4 year old Hatchery Mix sold to me as a Silver-Laced Wyandotte. She has a Sugar-Sweet Voice, figure like a bowling ball and a very demanding demeanor in true Wyandotte-fashion.

Lucy a 2 year old BLRW. Our Best laying hen this spring. She is huge and very fluffy and currently has unseated Sylvia as high hen.​

Roger aka the BIG Tootsie. --A 4 year old New Hampshire Rooster. Keeping hens safe when he is not taking his Old Man naps.

Roger showing he is Chivalrous.​

This Buckeye is Daisy. She's shy and very sweet.
well sometimes shy....

This is Mari short for Marigold. She is a 4 year old Buff EE. Slightly vain we think. Although she is low hen.

This is Dixie. Our 4 year old Buff Silkie. I had regrets getting her at first --trying to mix her in a flock of free ranging standard birds. But she is feisty and has proved her worth. As you can see below.

She is a broody Machine.

She has hatched us a little Welsummer chick, Loretta Lynn. More joining the flock in 2016....Stay tuned.

UPDATE to Bogtown's Flock:
Well we had a bit of bad luck. Actually it all happened within a span of a week or so. We lost my favorite boy, Roger to most likely airway disease of some sort. He had a cough. RIP Big Tootsie.

After Roger left us, Loretta Lynn disappeared one evening. I'm suspicious of an aerial predator. She was just the right age for being picked off. So much to look forward to with this young pullet...and dashed away. Its the risks of free ranging though I guess.

Dixie did not come out of the coop for 2 days. Until I brought her up and introduced her to the two chicks I was brooding this spring.
Patsy Cline (another Welsummer) and June Carter (an EE).
She grafted right to them. But they were a bit aloof to her. Quite independent already. It took about a week of gifting treats and she finally won them over as foster Mom. They are still pooping in my garage in the brooder until they are of a more challenging size to aerial predators and until I get that rooster. Once 'Junior' arrives I'll get everybody down at the coop then. They are important pullets for my egg carton.

Still with space in my coop I purchased 3 Ameraucana. This little Lavender is Pearl

And this is Miss Kitty and Hattie--two Blue Ameraucana.

I feel very fortunate to have these special birds. They are amazing. They are enjoying their "up north" life as far as I can tell and currently are plucking blackberry leaves for you can see they have stripped my bleeding heart plant of it's leaves already. hahaha. It was about done anyways.

Late July and Junior has arrived! He is a Welsummer. He's always aware of the sky it seems. Lets others eat before him. I already like him. I miss his Dad horribly ....but I think this young cockerel will do. I love his Yellow Legs.

Also here are some updated photos of Patsy and June. Patsy is Welsummer.

And June Carter is either an OE or EE. She's captured our heart though. I adore this bird.

Two Peas in a Pod. June and Patsy.

And then a couple regal photos of our silly Dixie Doo. She's seperated herself from the two girls now and laying eggs again:

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