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Boise Idaho Amish Style Coop

  1. idahochicka
    This last year I decided that I wanted chickens. We live in Boise and city code allows us to have 6 hens. My husband thought that I was CrAzY! Eventually I talked him into it. My husband is a builder and has been in the construction industry for over 15 years. He took all the scrap lumber that had been accumulating on the side of the house and after a few hours thinking up a design he begun construction on this amazing coop! It turned out so well that I listed them for sale on craigslist. Within 6 weeks he had made 8 coops! He even made a larger version!


    This is a pull out easy clean drawer with wood grain linoleum


    Shutter side vents with high grade mesh on the inside

    2 nesting boxes on each side

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  1. gkleing3
    Wish you lived closer to the east coast so I could buy one. It looks great!

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