Boise Idaho Chicken Ordinance

By Coopa Cabana · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Dec 29, 2014 · ·
  1. Coopa Cabana
    Boise Idaho Chicken Ordinance

    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
    Max Chickens Allowed6 or 12 per acre. Big Sky Neighborhood allows 12 per half acre.
    Roosters AllowedNo
    Permit RequiredNo
    Coop Restrictionsnone
    City/Organization Contact nameCity of Boise Planning and Zoning 2083843830
    Additional InformationBoise Municipal Code. Page 8 of 18. Section 11-09-07.02 Retaining .... Those certain animals are: dogs, cats, up to three (6) chickens, excluding roosters. Please see code for qualifcations under Livestock definitions, which may qualify you to keep more chickens if you own more than 1 acre.
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    Information Last Updated12-29-2014

    NOTE: This information was submitted by a member of our chicken forum. Please make sure to double check that this information is accurate before you proceed with raising chickens. You can read more info about checking local laws here..

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  1. Small Farm
    Does this ordinance override your HOA?
  2. JumpingMouse
    I don't understand it either, ugh my neighbors across the street have some hound mix.... when I first heard it I thought some dog had been hit by a car, dog barks day and night, early am too. But no rooster, I think city law should override homeowners associations cause there are still a lot of people who don't check those, I'm not supposed to have em but our association is optional $25 a year and has been disbanded... I just bribe the neighbors with free eggs ;) it helps
  3. idachick
    I may be wrong on this but I think the reason we are not allowed to have a rooster is because they crow. Now it has recently occured to me that I have neighbors all around me with dogs that bark day and night and yet I cannot have a rooster because of the noise? I don't understand this.
  4. Pascal PicklePants
    This ordinance has recently been changed. One can now house 6 hens, still no roosters allowed, still no permit necessary, and still no coop restrictions (although you must have one). I don't know how to add/change the entry above, so I just thought I'd comment here. So if you live in Boise, go get yourself 3 new fuzzies!

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