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    Botulism is a toxin(
    Clostridium botulinum) accruing in various types of poultry.Botulism is present in Dead animal carcasses,Maggots to actually affect birds with its toxin it has to be ingested by the bird.

    To diagnosis your bird with botulism you will have to look at the following symptoms

    *Wing paralysis
    *Leg Paralysis
    *Weak Neck(Limber Neck)
    *Wry Neck

    People often think there bird had botulism but there are other diseases that follow the path as botulism such as Mareks,Nutritional deficiency.

    To prevent any possible infection of the toxin eliminate any source of maggots,dead animals or stagnant ponds.Keeping your coop and run clean of these sources will lower the chances of botulism in your flock.

    If your bird does have botulism it is recommend to take the infected bird to the vet for crop cleaning.But in most cases the infected bird will die.

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