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    This is my crazy chicken math story...


    "Hannah, I just had a wonderful idea! Why don't you raise chickens and sell the eggs! It could be a very industrious business you know..." My mom suggested...

    At first I was a bit reluctant. Chickens? Well, that could be a bit boring. I mean, chickens aren't exactly the most interesting animals are they? How wrong I was...anyway, I finally gave in. We may as well give it a try. I started off with 5 Amber Links pullets, and waited patiently for them to lay their first egg....

    "Well, I knew they wouldn't lay, I just knew it! Maybe this was a bad idea after all...."

    The hens decided their new life goal was to prove me wrong! Plop! The first egg landed in the nesting box and was collected almost immediately with cries of joy and triumph. After all, MY chicken laid an egg, how amazing is that! You must understand that at this point I knew nothing about chickens except that they came in hens and roosters and they laid eggs....

    "This was a great idea mom! They're laying everyday now...maybe we should buy one or two more??"

    My mom agreed enthusiastically, and we were soon at the Pet Shop. This is where the main part of my chicken math takes place. There were lots of Amber Links, more than I expected, and so I decided that buying three more wouldn't make much more of a difference than one. So I came home with six. Maybe that's three more, but I couldn't resist the 'Chicken Math Magnetic Field'....

    "Mom, I don't think I'm getting enough eggs, maybe we should return to the Pet Shop"

    My mom was a little less enthusiastic this time, and I think she was starting to doubt her idea was as amazing as she made it out to be. But I reminded her that this was her idea, and she had to go through with it. My granny gave me the money for all my Amber Links, so I was very thankful because if I had had to buy them I'd probably be bankrupt right I came home with only one more. This time the magnetic field wasn't as I had 12, and one Rhode Island Red Rooster which my mom gave to me. He was the breeding rooster for my mom's previous flock. So I decided my flock was well and truly completed. I have to admit I didn't mean that....

    "Mom, have you seen how beautiful Brahma chickens are?"

    My mom wasn't so sure I needed MORE chickens, but I eventually convinced her, and I found a breeder who bred Gold Partridge Brahmas. I decided I would get two hens just to try them out. But the magnetic field was back again and I ended up buying four hens and a rooster (the rooster wasn't really planned). I decided now I WAS done. But that was just the tip of the ice berg.

    "Mom, I found a breeder who does all the colours..."

    I decided that I still didn't have enough chickens. Or maybe the fact was that I did have enough and I just didn't know when to stop! And, yes I had found out that chickens are most interesting and are certainly not in the least bit boring. I decided that I would order two buff, two light and two dark Brahma chicks. I haven't bought them yet, but I'm hoping everything will go as planned, and I will have many more chickies!!

    I love my chickens so much!! And I've decided I like chicken math...without it what would you have? You would stay with the same amount of chickens you're whole life. Which is sad, because the more chickens, the more happiness!

    Special thanks to my amazing mom for giving me the idea to raise chickens, and also extra special thanks to my very kind granny for buying my first flock, which is growing very quickly, and is bursting with love!

    "Hannah, is your flock finally complete?"

    "Ummm, I don't know mom....I'm still working on it!"


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  1. Mountain Peeps
    great story!!!:)
  2. PeckPeckChick
    Haha sounds like my story, my mom also suggested chickens too! Your lucky though we can only have so many because I live in California

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