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By Leghorn_Eddie · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Leghorn_Eddie

    Buff Created by Leghorn_Eddie
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    Bought my first trio for $50 in 1978. I was in grade 8 at the time. Our flock grew at it's largest to over 30. Fertility rates were very low, although I tried various techniques like trimming around their vents because of all the fluffy feathering. This is certainly the most docile friendly breed of chicken I have ever known. I could pick up and handle any rooster or hen with relative ease.





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    One of my favorite Buff roosters.​

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  1. Toro
    TO COUNTRYGIRL5: Do not get a roo with a very small flock!! Your hens will become over mated!! You should have around 10 hens for one roo so if your around that then good but otherwise don't do it!! Happened to me so that's why I'm saying this...
  2. MMB53
    I just love my Brahmas, I am hatching Buff, Buff and Silver Laced Brahmas and hope to get a good hatch for the Mothers Day hatch along. I have 4 Light Brahma hens that I just love, very friendly, calm and sweet. I had a light roo that was no less then 24" tall. He was quiet and nice but with only 4 hens he was really tearing up my girls so he went to a huge farm with 100+ hens to administer to.
  3. shurl
    I have bought 12 Buff Brahmas, I think that your rooster looks very nice. I have 25 on order and they will be here on May 2, 2012. I am just starting my coop and hope that I can get some info from others that have them all ready.
  4. countrygirl5
    What a gorgeaus rooster!! I have an order in for some from our local hatchery. They don't do these often, but am on the list when she gets some. I heard they are great broodies, is this true? I am looking to add a few hens and possibly a roo now that I have seen yours to my small flock.

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